Solenoids 21-22

The 21-22 robots have completely new solenoids. Each robot has two solenoids, one for the kicking and one for the chipping. The bottom solenoid is used for kicking and the top solenoid is used for chipping. The solenoids have been fully designed and produced by ourselves. These solenoids are more compact compared to the solenoids in the 20-21 robot. The solenoids are made out of 0.5mm enamelled copper wire. Each solenoid has 650 windings. With the new solenoids, the maximum allowed ball velocity of 6.5m/s can be easily reached.

The two solenoids are both stored in a housing made out of ABS. This housing consists out of two parts and the solenoids are clamped in between.The plungers in the solenoids are made of steel.