Robot 20-21

 Render of the Robot of 20-21
The figure above shows a render of the robot of 2020-21, the front left wheel was removed to be able to see the solenoids inside the robot.
The robot can be divided in four main parts. First, the skirt and the cap can be considered to be the Housing of the robot. Secondly, the Top Assembly is the parts which contains the PCBs. It is located at the top of the robot, in the figure it is the part above the red top plate. Then, the Middle Assembly is the part that contains the chipper solenoid as well as the lipo battery and the ball sensor. It is located between the two red plates in the figure. The last part is the Bottom Assembly. It contains the kicker solenoid, the front assembly and the 4 wheels with their motor. In the figure, it is located under the red middle plate.