When playing games and during demos, the robots wear their skirts. Not only do the skirts provide some protection, they also look nice. The 21-22 skirts are designed by RoboTeam, but they are made by an external company, Dekalu. The skirts are made out of polypropylene and have a thickness of 0.7mm. The designed skirts are provided to Dekalu in pdf files. An example of a skirt design is shown below. The red lines indicate were the plastic will be cut. There are cut-outs to be able to reach the on/off button of the robot. As opposed to last years design, new skirts have been designed this year since the dimensions of the robots changed. For example, the new skirts are less high than the skirts of the 20-21 robot.

New skirts dimensions

The black top part of the skirts has been 3D-printed with PETG. The top part and the white part are glued together using the glue gun. When doing so, it helps to first tape the top PETG part and white skirt together, so it will keep its shape when you are glueing it together.

Fun fact: every skirt has a name of a movie robot on it.

Below you can find the design of the top part: :technical:mechanics:robot_21_22:cap_met_randje_gat17mm.stl