Dimenions of the vision pattern The cap is put on top of the skirt and is connected to the cap connectors with screws. The color pattern on the cap tells which of the 16 IDs the robot has and to which team the robot belongs. The center dot is either blue or yellow and determines the team. The other four circles are green or pink and encode the ID of the robot. The RoboCup prescribes rules about the size and lay-out of the cap to which each team has to adhere. Each team uses the same set of standardized colors and patterns on top of their robots. To ensure compatibility with the standardized patterns for the shared vision system, all teams must ensure that all robots have a flat surface with sufficient space available on the top side. The color of the cap must be black or dark grey and have a matte finish to reduce glare. We used black PETG filament to print the caps. The dimensions of the cap are shown in the figure.